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HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer Q6720B#B1K
Produce gallery-quality black-and-white, color prints


HP Systems Products
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer
List Price: $4,605.00
Our Price: $3,934.00



This 12-ink HP Designjet, with new HP 73 Chromatic Red ink, delivers long-lasting gallery-quality prints in black and white and color. It enables easy calibration and profiling with its embedded spectrophotometer1 and also delivers great ink efficiency2.

Produce gallery-quality black-and-white and color prints

  • Color and black-and-white print permanence of 200 years3 on a range of HP and HP Hahnemühle papers.
  • Beautiful black-and-white prints have smooth transitions, true neutral grays thanks to the HP Quad-black ink set.
  • Get exceptional gloss uniformity and minimize bronzing on most glossy photo papers with HP Gloss Enhancer.4
  • This printer’s expanded color gamut achieves 95% PANTONE® coverage(5 enabled by its new chromatic red ink.
  • Over 50 HP papers supported, from photo and fine art papers to coated and display-graphic printing materials.

Easily calibrate and profile with HP DreamColor Technologies

  • Calibration and profiling are made simple with HP DreamColor Technologies and embedded spectrophotometer.1
  • Expect consistent color from print to print regardless of fluctuating environmental conditions.
  • Simplify workflows: easily access, create, and share paper presets6 using the enhanced HP Color Center.
  • Get questions answered with the HP Knowledge Center, and control color settings with Adobe® Photoshop®.7

Achieve productive operation and great ink efficiency2

  • Expect always-on quality with proactive automatic servicing routines that result in great ink efficiency.2
  • Optical Drop Detector (ODD) prevents nozzle clogging and, as a result, printing errors and media waste.
  • Rich, dark blacks on matte and glossy papers— and you don’t have to swap cartridges.
  • This printer contains an HP Embedded Web Server, print previews, and other efficiency-enhancing features. Embedded TIFF, JPEG, and Adobe PS3/PDF RIP—enables direct job submission, queuing, nesting capabilities8 for a more efficient operation so you save time and money.
  • Preserve resources and your budget. Predictable, reliable printing leads to more efficient printing, which is good for your business and can reduce the impact of printing on the environment.

The HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer series is ideal for professional photographers, digital fine artists, print service providers, graphic designers, and pre-press professionals who want to create:

  • Gallery-quality prints
  • Portraits
  • Limited editions
  • Albums
  • Art reproductions
  • Large-format designs
  • Proofs

Easy calibration and profiling

The Designjet Z3200’s built-in X-Rite spectrophotometer and HP printer linearization and profiling software take the cost, effort, and guesswork out of printer color management. You are never more than a few mouse clicks and 20 minutes away from a professional ICC profile customized for your printer, paper, and environmental conditions. Custom HP profiles make the most of your Designjet’s extended color gamut in reds, blues, and greens whether using matte fine art paper, satin or glossy photo paper, canvas, backlit film, or any of a wide range of other compatible substrates. Perfectly neutral black-and-white prints with extended tonal range, fine shadow detail, and continuous tone appearance are all unlocked by custom HP printer profiles.

Add the optional HP/X-Rite Advanced Profiling Solution (standard on PostScript® models) for additional flexibility and functionality such as monitor calibration and profiling, RGB and CMYK printer profiling, profile verification, and profile editing.8

Simplify workflows—easily access, create, and share paper presets using the enhanced HP Color Center

An enhanced HP Color Center offers a single point of control for all color-related functions.

From there, you can download or easily create your own Paper Presets, and have the option of more control using advanced settings.


Create leading gallery-quality black-and-white and color prints with the Vivera Color Ink System


Excellent gloss uniformity and minimal bronzing on glossy and semi-glossy papers; thanks to HP Gloss Enhancer.


B and W

New Red

The new HP 73 Chromatic Red ink provides a wide color gamut that meets the needs of photographers, graphic artists, and pre-press professionals alike.

Pricing Notes:

HP Systems Products
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer
List Price: $4,605.00
Our Price: $3,934.00